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Located in Southington, Connecticut. Get In Detail Auto Detailing is your one stop shop for your Paint Protection needs. We offer XPEL Paint Protection Film (aka clear bra film) and Opti-Coat Pro Ceramic Coatings. You don’t have to buy a new car to get that new car smell and feeling. Your vehicle just needs to "Get In Detail". We receive phone calls asking, “ What is auto detailing exactly?” Auto detailing consist of cleaning either the interior and exterior of your vehicle or both. Interior detailing focuses on cleaning the interior of the vehicle by thoroughly disinfecting the cabin area, vacuuming, shampooing and/or steam cleaning the upholstery. Exterior detailing is important because it cleans, restores, and helps protect the outside finish of your vehicle from the daily wear and tear from weather, sun, and other environmental elements.

At Get In Detail we specialize in high quality automotive detailing services. We service all vehicle types, ranging from your luxury car to your daily driver. Get In Detail offers XPEL Paint Protection Film (also known as PPF) and Opti-Coat Pro Ceramic Clear Coatings.

Are you a highway driver and ever wonder “ What can I do to prevent all of these rocks from chipping away at paint of my brand new car?” Get In Detail is now an authorized installer or XPEL Paint Protection Film. XPEL Paint Protection Products protect the leading edge or your vehicle from damage caused by rocks, gravel, salt and insects through the application of a thin and virtually invisible urethane paint protection film. Opti-Coat Pro is a ceramic clear coating that provides permanent protection for all modern factory paints and can also be used to protect metal and hard plastic surfaces. Opti-Coat has better chemical resistance, scratch & mar resistance, and release properties than any automotive paint coating in use.

When XPEL PPF and Opti Coat Pro are installed onto your vehicle, your vehicle will be wearing a suit of armor. Get in Detail also specializes in boat detailing. We cover most of Connecticut through our mobile detailing business.
Our detail shop is located at:

1606 Meriden-Waterbury Turnpike
Milldale, CT 06467

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1. At Get In Detail we pride ourselves on quality work over quantity of work. In order to do so, we attend educational events regularly in order to keep up with the auto care industry as it changes.

2. We stand firmly behind our work and we always strive to go above and beyond our customers expectations.

3. We use only top-of-the-line products along with the latest tools and techniques to provide the best, longest lasting results for your vehicle.

4. We are always looking to offer new services. In 2015, our newest services included Opti Gloss, Opti-Coat Pro, and Opti-Coat Pro+ Ceramic Coatings, Wheel Restoration, Odor Removal and Aviation Detailing: In 2016, we will be offering XPEL Paint Protection Film and window chip repair.

5. At Get In Detail we treat all our customers as family and we believe in building long lasting relationships. We do this by working closely with everyone that seeks out our services and providing the best experience as they are trusting one of their greatest investments with us. .

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